Monday, June 19, 2017

06/19/2017 update, and this blog's future

Sorry I haven't updated this blog in pretty much forever. I've been busy with a lot of other things going on in my personal life. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, though. While I used to love this show, and would go out of my way to watch every episode of the show as soon as I could, and I used to love interacting with the fandom and posting pony image dumps all over Twitter and on here, those days are long gone, and they are probably never going to return. See, I've lost nearly all interest in ponies. My interest in MLP started to wane sometime during that long hiatus between seasons 4 and 5. Season 4 had some of the best episodes in the series; almost on par with seasons 1 and 2, so I was expecting Season 5 to be similarly awesome. Well, while Season 5 started off with a good enough opener, as the season went on, I started to feel increasingly underwhelmed by each subsequent episode. In fact, the only episodes in Season 5 that really did much of anything for me are the opening 2-parter, Rarity Investigates, Crusaders of the Lost Mark, and The Mane Attraction. Ultimately, I was utterly disappointed. When Season 6 started, I had to force myself to watch the Crystalling parts 1 & 2, several days after they aired. I haven't seen a single episode of MLP since. 

There are multiple factors in me losing interest in the show, honestly. Part of it is the fact that the show just seems like it's long since ran out of ideas, to the point where it's negatively impacted the quality of the show itself. Another part of it is the fact that I've pretty much lost all respect for much of the fandom. I began to realize that most of the people I used to be cool with in the fandom either abandoned the fandom completely, turned into complete and utter assholes, or both. The brony fandom, which was already well-known for extremely cringeworthy behavior and completely unnecessary drama and shit-flinging, had only gotten even WORSE in all of those areas every time I interacted with them on Twitter, which only solidified my decision to abandon the fandom completely. My increasing lack of interest in MLP, combined with my then-newfound contempt for a fandom I once used to love, eventually grew to the point that one day, in January 2016, I just wordlessly deleted a Twitter account with over 5,100 followers on it just to wash my hands of it all.

And if the waning quality of MLP and the fandom isn't bad enough, I've noticed that most of the staff that work for the show have been doing a bunch of bizarre political rants on Twitter. I mean, I understand not liking Trump and all, I mean, I'm no fan of the guy by any stretch of the imagination, but the show staff have been bitching about him relentlessly and constantly for months now. To this very day, they never shut up about him. It's like they're so focused on standing on a political soapbox and preaching about how cartoonishly evil Trump and everyone who voted for him is that they've pretty much stopped caring about producing something resembling a decent cartoon. And then there's the fact that some of them act like complete and utter primadonnas who are utterly incapable of taking criticism, and have outright told fans they had disagreements with to "go fuck themselves" on several occasions.

Yeah. The slow, but sure drop in quality of the show and the rapid deterioration of the fandom has pretty much eliminated all interest I originally had in MLP. That, combined with the show staff's disgraceful behavior on a variety of levels, only makes it less likely that I'll be watching MLP again anytime soon, if ever, and I probably won't be updating this blog, either.

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