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My Little Pony Season 4: Powerpuff Ponies And Nightmare Moon’s Return


Next season on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic- the Powerpuff Ponies! Alright, maybe not directly that, but in this rundown of some of the animatics from San Diego Comic Con, we get to see the Mane Six turned into superheroes. We see another episode about bullying, this time focusing on Scootaloo and her lack of ability to fly.  For those who do not know, the Powerpuff Girls was a series about three superpowered girls on which Lauren Faust and Tara Strong both worked.  Strong was the voice of Bubbles on Powerpuff Girls and is the voice of Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony.

Also, we shall be seeing the return of Nightmare Moon. That one could be a story involving time travel, though. It would be fascinating to see the story be about how Luna became Nightmare Moon instead of her slipping back into becoming Nightmare Moon. However, it will also be interesting to see how they will synch up the story with the comic books in which we learned that Nightmare Moon was the manifestation of a shadow being which took over and corrupted Luna due to her jealousy.

[Housekeeping note, here on in, personal asides from the information will be in brackets just for clarity's sake].

What else was learned at ComicCon? Well, Meghan McCarthy noted that Twilight Sparkle is the same despite being an alicorn. It just means that she has some new opportunities. As Equestria Daily notes Twilight Sparkle is her same adorkable self. [Which is good since Twilight wouldn’t be Twilight without that personality.]

There will be a ton of new music- some fifteen to twenty songs including songs sung by characters who haven’t sung yet. In fact, you can hear one of them in the video above. [The music has been very good with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so far. In fact, I have to say that I’ve loved it.] Apparently Luna will get
her own song along with Vinyl Scratch.

The crew apparently has been thinking of the season’s episodes more as movies than half hour episodes, but they are probably half hour long episodes. Still, Spike gets to have a lot of fun this season even though he is put into an uncomfortable situation or situations, and, according to McCarthy, Rarity [yay!] gets her own episode (so no more “Don’t Believe Her Lies!” memes). However, they apparently joked about breaking Tabitha St. Germaine with the attention that Rarity gets this upcoming season.

Andrea Libman loves the writing that happened for her principal character, Pinkie Pie, and she thinks it’s hilarious. Apparently, Pinkie even manages to find someone who gives her a run for her money on partying.
Oh, and there’s some crazy stuff going on with Fluttershy.

During the Kids Q&A session we learned that there will be more love for Derpy, though she may not have that name. [If anyone from My Little Pony ever does read this, y’know, you could make that into an episode about name calling since I think the intention was her name was suppose to be Ditzy]. When asked about having an episode centering around Derpy the answer was “Part of the fun of pony is how we have taken characters as our own through fanfiction and art, and they like to let us have our fun with them. There are too many stories with the mane 6 and Spike to split off for background ponies.”

There will be a My Little Pony soundtrack released. [I would love this since it would allow me to put the songs on my iPod for days when I’m feeling depressed].

The crew were asked if Scootaloo is an orphan, to which the reply was “Just because Scootaloo’s parents haven’t been on screen yet, doesn’t mean they are dead.” We may finally get to see some of Scootaloo’s family in Season 4, but at the same time, it would be interesting to deal with the idea of Scootaloo being an orphan given that we already know that Applejack is an orphan too.

Pinkie Pie’s sisters will be visiting.

Derpy will not be removed from the series [still think they should make a story about her being bullied and her real name being Ditzy].

They were asked about Rarity being famous due to being friends with Princess Twilight. The answer to that is, she’s already famous in her own right. They were also asked about the hardest voice acting lines, and Andrea Libman said “Chimmicherry” from the Last Roundup.

The crew were also asked by the kids if the Mane 6 are going to all become alicorns, and the answer to that is “ALL THE PONIES WILL BE ALICORNS (not really!)”. [Personally, I don’t think that AJ would be comfortable being an alicorn].

Pinkamena may show up again in a future episode, but it’s not some place that the crew like to take her often. When asked about Vinyl Scratch and Octavia getting their own episode, the panel replied now My Little Pony needs a side series for all the ponies out there. [yes, they do given that we have the Mane 6 and the Mini 3. Plus, at least two sets of the background ponies get into territory that Hasbro has been reluctant to go into- namely the fanfic tends to have Scratch and Octavia as well as Lyra and Bon Bon as couples.]

The Cake twins will be showing up, but they will not be focused upon. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing Babs Seed again next season. However, according to the Brony Q&A, there will be more Zecora and there will be loads of pop culture references. [Like, idk...Sedussa?]

[We didn't include everything from the panel coverage we've found like for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.]
[And a quick shout out to Equestria Daily.  If you love My Little Pony, you should really check them out.  They do a lot of the fan-based stuff we don't cover.]

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