Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A list of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic websites

I'd like to link to some websites that contain a wealth of pictures, videos and information in general about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I will probably update this blog post as time goes by.

If anybody wants the latest news about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, go head to the following sites... (Countdown timer to the next new pony episode) (Official MLP:FiM site) (Nearly 300 million views as of 1/5/12, 5:47 PM)  (follow this link if you want news about the show
proper instead of fanart/fanfiction/OC stuff) (Another pony blog, fairly similar to Equestria Daily) (About 20% cooler than your average MLP:FiM news site) (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toy line news blog) (Brony Documentary official site)


If you're interested in attending brony conventions, or going to a brony meetup, donating to a charity organization, listening to a brony radio show, or you just want to know more about the many brony conventions or meetups across the world, feel free to browse any of these sites. If you go to a brony convention or brony meetup, please, PLEASE be on your best behavior. (Annual brony convention held in Baltimore, Maryland) (Brony convention site) (Austin, Texas brony convention) (provides live coverage and recordings of many brony conventions, charity events and also features unique track releases events with Friendship is Magic community artists.) (Convention for Midwestern bronies) (Las Vegas, Nevada brony convention) (Website for bronies looking for meetups in their area) (Another brony meetup site) (Brony radio site, also deals in charity) (Brony radio show) (another Brony radio show) (Brony charity organization, donates money to various excellent causes) (Brony charity blog, donates money to various excellent causes) (Another brony charity blog)

 If you're interested in the vast amount of MLP:FiM fanart/fanfiction/fan-created content out there, here are a few pretty good sites... 
(Official MLP:FiM game created by Gameloft, pretty good, give it a try if you have a mobile phone) (For all the gamer bronies out there) (Pony plushie blog) (Talks about the animation errors in the show)  (Site for a MLP:FiM fangame that's currently in production) (Site for another MLP:FiM fangame that's in production) (a Pony fan hack of Final Fantasy 6, and a pretty good one at that) (Pony based parody of Magic: The Gathering) (Website for MLP: Fighting is Magic; a game that just got C&D'd by Hasbro) (One of many Brony fan music websites/forums) (Brony fan music blog) (Uh, it's a brony musician directory. Yeah.) (Basically a pony version of We Are The World with brony musicians)

If anybody wants to discuss My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the following websites are usually best for MLP:FiM discussion... (Warning: this site is NSFW, and NOT for the easily offended) (The kinder, gentler, mostly-SFW alternative to /mlp/) (social networking site of sorts for bronies and fair-weather pony fans) (Another social networking site for bronies... Requires you to log in, though) (Another popular social networking site for bronies) (Warning: this board is NSFW at times, and not for the easily offended) (WARNING: May be NSFW at times; it IS Reddit after all) (Brony gaming forum) (Mostly for fans of MLP G1-G3.5, though Bronies are welcome too) (Forum for UK bronies to discuss MLP:FiM) (MLP:FiM roleplaying forum) (News blog with a discussion forum) (Another pony fan blog) (Brony Q&A blog)

And if anybody wants to watch videos of MLP:FiM, allow me to recommend a few links where you can watch all the episodes, and some other channels of interest...  (has over 1600 sound clips from MLP:FiM on his channel) (doesn't exclusively have pony videos, but it has them) (doesn't exclusively have pony videos, but it has them) (Spanish pony channel)

If you want to see a wealth of pony pictures, or if you want to entertain yourself with some of the myriad memes that spawn from this series, go to the following links below... (SPOILERS) FiM 1/ FiM 2/ FiM 3/ FiM 4/ FiM 5/ FiM 6/ FiM 7/ FiM 8/ FiM 9/ FiM 10/ FiM 11/

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