Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Internet Needs More My Little Pony Firearms

This is a Fluttershy AAC Honey Badger Rifle, and someone needs to make it. Come to think of it, My Little Pony firearms are so genius, there must be a few of them around by now. We did a short search and, true to form, there are a number of real My Little Pony guns. But not enough.

TheBadPanda2 has a cool collection of ‘shopped firearms at his DeviantArt gallery, two of them My Little Pony-inspired.

We got curious so we started looking for real ones. The Internet netted us just 3 firearms, all of them patterned with Rainbow Dash. I understand how Rainbow Dash is obviously best pony for firearms, but imagine the maniacal terror a huge Pinkie Pie submachine gun can inspire. It might shoot confetti, it might not, and it’s always ready to party!

We also found a Luna holster which, while still badass, is not a gun.

 Rainbow Dash Smith and Wesson

 Rainbow Dash Remington 870

Rainbow Dash Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1

 Luna With twin TAR-21s Holster
 Rainbow Dash AA-12

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