Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Portland bronies missing Andrew W.K. appearance have other options

Bronies–the adult men (and a few women, too) who are avid fans of the My Little Pony cartoon TV show -- are back in the news.

Andrew W.K., the party rocker whose hits include "It's Time To Party" and "Fun Night," announced Tuesday he plans to speak on a panel at an Ohio Brony convention.

The party rocker posted the news to his twitter account last night, setting off a social media frenzy in the brony world.

W.K. will participate in the "What Would Pinkie Pie Do?" panel at September's Canterlot Gardens My Little Pony convention in Strongville, Ohio.

An odd pairing, but then again, bronies are famous for being odd.

If you're dying to attend the My Little Pony convention but can't justify the airfare to Ohio, two upcoming events in the Pacific Northwest will highlight our region's brony culture.

The three-day Northwest Bronyfest will begin July 14 at Portland's Red Coach restaurant, 615 S.W. Broadway. Featuring activities "from music to episode streaming to special guests and events, this event is not to be missed," the event's web page boasts.

Everfree Northwest will begin Aug. 17 in Seattle, with "informational panels, dance parties, games and more." 

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