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My reviews on the first two seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (spoilers)

So, MLP:FiM Season 2 is finally wrapped up. And you know that it was absolutely incredible. Although a few Season 2 episodes were kinda hit or miss, mostly due to temporary character derailment, Season 2 also had EASILY some of the best moments in the entire series. It's a shame that there won't be any more new pony episodes for 5 or 6 months, though being that there's plenty of awesome fan-made pony stuff out there that's being made every day, I think it'll be possible for me to manage.

Now, without much further ado, I'd like to give my ratings for the episodes of both seasons so far... You may or may not disagree with my tastes, but here they are regardless. WARNING: Spoilers abound.

My Season 1 favorites

1. Dragonshy (10/10... Seriously, Fluttershy screams at a fucking DRAGON until it cries!!! What could possibly be more awesome than that? Easily my favorite Season 1 episode, and in my top 3 for the series so far alongside "Luna Eclipsed" and "A Canterlot Wedding Part 2")

2. Sonic Rainboom (9.75/10 Features Rainbow Dash being absolutely awesome, gives us a little bit of insight on Rainbow Dash... Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony, and this episode is one of the biggest reasons why)

3. Winter Wrap Up (9.5/10 awesome episode, has one of the best songs in the series)

4. Suited For Success (9.25/10 awesome episode, has one of the best songs in the series)

5. Stare Master (9/10, the CMC's hijinks are adorable as always, and also, it features Fluttershy staring down a fucking Cockatrice! Easily one of the best Fluttershy episodes, and by FAR the best CMC episode...)

6. Party Of One (9/10, because of Pinkie Pie being absolutely INSANE even by her standards)

 7. Boast Busters (8.75/10, The Great and Powerful Trixie is awesome, and she HAS to come back at some point in the series)

8. The Best Night Ever (8.75/10, awesome song, lots of insanity, Flutterrage, all around awesome)

9. Fall Weather Friends (8.67/10, features Rainbow Dash and Applejack being athletic as hell, and Pinkie and Spike are BEST sports commentators.)

10. The Cutie Mark Chronicles (8.6/10, does an excellent job at fleshing out the Mane 6)

11. Swarm of the Century (8.5/10 because Parasprites are absolutely adorable, and I loved Pinkie Pie during this episode)

12. Bridle Gossip (8.4/10 because the Mane 6's changes were hilarious, especially Flutterguy, and Zecora is pretty cool)

13. A Dog and Pony Show (8.3/10 because it shows us just how awesome Rarity can be... This was 
also the first full episode of MLP:FiM I ever watched, so it holds a special place in my heart)

14. Griffon The Brush Off (8.25/10, Don't like Gilda at ALL because she made Fluttershy cry and was a complete bitch overall, but then, Gilda's bitchiness was part of what made this episode awesome to begin with, mostly because she got her comeuppance)

15. Friendship is Magic Part 2 (8.2/10, an awesome way to start a series, provides some pretty critical character-defining moments for each of the mane 6)

16. Green Isn't Your Color (8/10, pretty good episode, Photo Finish was pretty cool, Fluttershy was adorable as always, LOVED Pinkie and Twilight during this episode, would watch again)

17. Applebuck Season (7.8/10, features Applejack stubbornly working her flank off to the point of exhaustion, Big Mac actually speaking in full sentences, Pinkie Pie puking after eating a bunch of "baked bads", all around pretty good episode)

18. Friendship is Magic Part 1 (7.5/10, pretty good for a pilot episode, although it was a little bland)

19. Feeling Pinkie Keen (7.5/10, introduces us to the Pinkie Sense, Twilight Sparkle evolving into 
Rapidash out of pure rage,)

20. Look Before You Sleep (7.5/10, Pretty decent episode all-around, had a heartwarming ending)

21. The Show Stoppers (7/10, pretty good song, more adorable CMC hijinks)

22. Call of the Cutie (7/10, introduces us to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and, unfortunately, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon)

23.The Ticket Master (7/10, decent episode, though fairly forgettable)

24. A Bird in the Hoof (7/10, didn't much like Philomena, but her antics WERE pretty entertaining to watch... Seeing Fluttershy cry was pretty heartbreaking too... It's about tied with Putting Your Hoof Down as my least favorite Fluttershy episode overall, but it's still pretty decent)

25. Over A Barrel (6.75/10, was decent, had some entertaining parts, namely, the whole train sequence, Pinkie Pie's song, Chief Thunderhooves' subsequent verbal smackdown of Pinkie)

26. Owl's Well that Ends Well (6.5/10, decent but forgettable episode, seeing Spike get beat up by a chicken was pretty funny, and the whole dragon chase scene was pretty cool, but other than that, meh)

My Season 2 Favorites:

1. A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2 (11/10, best episode in the entire series IMO... It's awesome, action-packed, emotional, heartwarming, and the villain had a VERY badass character design, too... Also, This Day Aria was one INCREDIBLE piece of music)

2. Luna Eclipsed (10/10, Princess Luna is, and will ALWAYS be, best princess IMO)

3. Hurricane Fluttershy (9.9/10, one of the best episodes ever... Seeing Rainbow Dash be sympathetic towards Fluttershy's plight is extremely heartwarming, and seeing Fluttershy sob her eyes out is one of the most HEARTBREAKING moments in the entire series. If this episode isn't a solid statement against bullying,  few other things are. Also, Fluttershy's training montage was awesome and adorable, Cloudchaser and Flitter are new best background ponies, and Roid Rage (the YEAH! pony), was awesome too)

4. The Last Roundup (Unedited) (9.8/10 because DERPY, would be 8/10 without the Derpy scene... Ending was incredibly heartwarming. Fluttershy's "hole in our hearts" line was a bit cheesy, but her being Fluttershy, the very Matron Saint of Adorableness, she pulled it off quite well, and it only made the scene even MORE heartwarming, if anything)

5. Read It and Weep (9.25/10, Good Rainbow Dash character development, Daring Do is easily one of the most awesome characters, would love to read IRL Daring Do book. PLEASE, someone, make it happen!)

6. It's About Time (9/10, awesome episode all around, features Cerberus, the gatekeeper of Tartarus, features Fluttershy CALMING THE FUCKING GUARDIAN OF HELL DOWN just by giving it a belly rub... Gypsy Pinkie was pretty cute as well.)

7. The Return of Harmony Part 1 (9/10, awesome way to begin a season, Discord is my favorite villain so far... Hope to see more of him in season 3, unlikely though that may be... John de Lancie has said he's doing some voice work for Season 3, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed)

8. Hearth's Warming Eve (9/10, pretty good episode, I really liked the whole background story behind the creation of Equestria, the Windigos were pretty cool villains (no pun intended)... Merriwether Williams' best episode by FAR)

9. Sweet and Elite (8.8/10, features Twilight Sparkle doing the "little kicks", had a cute song, all 
around solid episode)

10. A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1 (8.75/10, EXTREMELY emotional episode, gives us a little more background on Twilight, Princess Luna reappears, and this episode was generally pretty good, though the way everypony, even the other mane 5 and Princess Celestia, shunned Twilight at the end without even TRYING to listen to her or give her a chance to explain herself was a bit harsh)

11. May The Best Pet Win! (8.72/10, awesome episode, features Rainbow Dash doing all sorts of 
awesome shit, has a pretty catchy song... Only thing I REALLY didn't like is Dash's initial piss-poor treatment of Tank... She made up for it in the end, though)

12. MMMystery on the Friendship Express (8.7/10, awesome movie shoutouts, delicious looking cake, pretty funny and entertaining episode all around... It was also refreshing to see that not ALL griffons are complete jerks the way Gilda was)

13. Secret of My Excess (8.33/10, better of the two Spike episodes, gives us an insight on what 
Spike might look like when grown up, VERY heartwarming ending, etc.)

14. The Return Of Harmony Part 2 (8.25/10, starts out awesome, but had a fairly anticlimactic 
ending... The last 10 minutes of this episode were clearly rushed)

15. Sisterhooves Social (8/10... The ending of this episode was heartwarming, and the rest of the episode definitely had it moments as well)

16. Dragon Quest (8/10, solid episode for the most part, but the last 5 minutes were VERY rushed, we learned nothing new about Spike, have a feeling we'll never see Peewee again... Imagine the potential this episode could have had if it weren't for the strict 22-minute time limit.)

17. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (8/10, pretty good episode, very catchy song... I hated the Flim Flam brothers for the way they treated the Apple Family in the last few minutes of the episode, though... Seriously, they almost ran the Apple Family out of Ponyville and LAUGHED about it and brutally mocked them about the fact right in their faces. Sadly, many Flim Flam Brothers fans actively defend their repugnant behavior and some go so far as to try to make the Apple Family look the bad guys.)

18. Ponyville Confidential (7.9/10, I LOVE the jabs this episode takes at the media. I think everypony shunning the CMC was pretty harsh, though. Seeing Fluttershy cry her eyes out was pretty hard to watch, as well. Also, it was GREAT hearing Big Macintosh say something other than "eeyup", "nope", or "schmoopy-doopy etc.". Seeing Diamond Tiara get her comeuppance for being a manipulative, blackmailing bitch was pretty awesome, too)

19. Family Appreciation Day (7.75/10, provides excellent background story on Granny Smith and the creation of Ponyville, and it's nice knowing that Silver Spoon isn't a TOTAL bitch like Diamond Tiara)

20. Putting Your Hoof Down (7.25/10, Iron Will was a pretty cool character, reminds me of Hercule/Mr. Satan, though I hated seeing Fluttershy act so mean to Pinkie Pie and Rarity, and I was kinda annoyed that everypony kept calling Iron Will a monster. I also REALLY despised the way Angel Bunny and everypony else acted towards Fluttershy during this episode, but then again, the fact that I'm a HUGE Flutters fan may have something to do with that. EXTREME character derailment aside, decent episode, definitely an improvement for Merriwether Williams after the debacle that was MMDW)

21. Lesson Zero (7.2/10, has Fluttershy wrestling bears, Rainbow Dash performing the Atomic Rainbomb, and Rarity being overdramatic, but the way Twilight flipped out so hard over nothing seemed WAY out of character for her IMO... Impromptu character derailment aside, I DID like this episode for the most part)

22. Hearts and Hooves Day (6.9/10, decent episode, pretty cute song, creepy jelly pony is CREEPY, though I almost PUKED when Big Mac and Cheerilee did the whole "schmoopy-doopy" talk)

23. Baby Cakes (6.8/10, not really fond of baby episodes, though it was pretty cute, and I did like the Pinkie Pie standup comedy scene... The ending was one of the most heartwarming things ever)

24. The Cutie Pox (6.5/10, Big Lebowski shoutout was nice, and seeing Diamond Tiara get shown up was awesome, too, but other than that, meh, I've seen better)

25. A Friend In Deed (6/10, the song gets a 10/10 for being the BEST in the series, and the introductory scene was cute and funny, but other than that, I didn't like this episode. Pinkie's constant hounding of Cranky Doodle Donkey got REALLY annoying fast... Too much character derailment for my liking... Effectively, this episode is to Pinkie Pie what Mysterious Mare Do Well was to Rainbow Dash. It would probably be about 4/10 without the awesome song.)

26. The Mysterious Mare Do Well (4/10, this and A Friend In Deed are the only episodes in the series I truly dislike, mostly because I didn't like the other Mane 5's sudden attitude towards Rainbow Dash at ALL... I also wasn't fond of how increasingly arrogant and insufferable RD got throughout this episode. This episode had its moments though, so I don't HATE it... I just really, really, really, really dislike it)

27. The Last Roundup (edited) (-9001/10 WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO DERPY?!?!?!?!!??!?! ...Again, 8/10 episode without the Derpy Scene)

Now for the list of my favorite ponies... Here's the list of my favorite ponies in Season 1...
1. Rainbow Dash (10.0)
2. Fluttershy (9.99)
3. Pinkie Pie (9.9)
4. Rarity (9.85)
5. Twilight Sparkle (9.8)
6. Applejack (9.7)

And now for my favorite ponies in Season 2...
1. Fluttershy (10.0)
2. Rainbow Dash (9.99)
3. Twilight Sparkle (9.96)
4. Rarity (9.92)
5. Pinkie Pie (9.91)
6. Applejack (9.85) 

As you can see from how highly I've ranked each of them, I fucking LOVE the Mane 6. Every last one of them. It's actually quite difficult for me to pick a favorite out of the Mane 6. They are all awesome in their own individual ways. If anything, while Season 2 had its flaws, it also provided plenty of awesome, funny, heartwarming and emotional moments that have only helped endear me to each pony even MORE. And for that, I'm thankful. I can't wait to see what Season 3 will have in store for us.

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